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4D Baby Bonding Scan 

(22 - 32 weeks)


What's included 


Scan-3D4D_icon.pngWellbeing Checklist.pngGrowth_scan_icon.pngb&w_pics_6_icon.pnggift-bag.pnghuffpost_150.png

✔ 3D /  4D Baby Bonding Ultrasound Scan Experience.

✔ Well-Being Checklist

✔ Growth Verification with Weight Estimation.

✔ Complimentary Black and White Scan Prints

✔ FREE Luxury Pregnancy Gift Bag

✔ Fully qualified experts perform our scans

✔ Not routinely available via the NHS


What's available to add-on





A pregnancy scan is always such a special time, and a real highlight in the lead up to the birth. However, a 3D - 4D baby bonding scan provides something quite remarkable; the chance to see your baby in minute detail and start bonding with them, even before they enter the world. 

At your 3D - 4D baby bonding scans, you’ll get the chance to see your baby’s face in the tiniest detail, and you can also look at their delicate hands and feet. Watch them sleep peacefully, yawn, hiccup or wriggle around! It’s a phenomenal experience and one that you’ll remember for a lifetime. 


What's Included

Life is all about choices and with our 3D - 4D baby bonding scans we have done our best to keep it simple and give you as much choice as possible. That is why we only have one 3D - 4D baby bonding scan and give you the choice to add whatever add-ons / extras you wish.


The 3D  - 4D baby bonding scan will include the following:

✔ 3D - 4D Bonding Ultrasound Scan Experience.

✔ Well-Being Checklist

✔ Baby Growth Scan with Weight Estimation.

✔ Complimentary Black and White Scan Prints

✔ FREE Luxury Pregnancy Gift Bag


The following extra's / add-ons are available and can be added on prior to or after the scan (where applicable):

✔ DVD of scan footage of 3D - 4D Baby Bonding Scans*

✔ CD with HD Colour Images of your Baby 

✔ Colour or Black & White Prints of your Baby 

✔ Gender Identification using SureScanTM gender imaging protocol*

Growth Check with detailed 2 Page Growth & Progress Report including standard growth measurements, weight estimation & growth charts*


* Must be added on prior to going in for the scan

Main Objective of the 4D Baby Scan

  • To produce 4D imagery of your baby, verify fetal growth & perform the Scan Clinic's well-being checklist including visualising fetal heartbeat, movements of your baby, placental position & determine position of baby by using ultrasound .


Tip - This scan usually produces better results between 24-28 weeks.


  • For twin/multiple pregnancy we suggest booking your appointment between 20-24 weeks - additional charges apply.


How do I prepare for this scan?

  • A partially full bladder may provide better images for this scan.
  • Please bring your pregnancy book / previous scan results to your appointment. 


How to find us

Please click here.




Important Info. 

  • Please bring your pregnancy book / previous scan results to your appointment. 
  • The quality of the images are dependent on factors such as fetal position, gestational age, mothers BMI, scar tissue and amniotic fluid, which are constantly changing from day to day and are beyond the control of The Scan Clinic and its practitioners. We will always endeavor to obtain the best results on the day however If adequate image(s) of your baby cannot be obtained due to such circumstances we may substitute your scan for an equivalent 2D scan OR you can choose to book a 20 minute re-scan at a discounted price of £25.00.  
  • This package is non-refundable irrespective of scan image results.​
  • 3D / 4D aspect of the scan are non-diagnostic however our 3D - 4D baby bonding scan include fetal growth check and The Scan Clinics wellbeing baby checklist with report which includes visualising fetal heartbeat & movement of your baby, determine position of baby and the placenta.
  • Any information regarding the sex of the baby is not guaranteed & ultrasound alone is not 100% accurate as some babies can be ambiguous. Your practitioner will only provide you with information about the gender if they feel confident to do so from the ultrasound scan. The Scan Clinic or its staff can not be in any way held responsible upon the reliance of such information.
  • Multiple pregnancy / twins require an additional charge of £30.
£109 £99
£30 Deposit Required at booking.
Terms and Conditions apply.
22 - 32 weeks Unique Experience Well-Being Check Premier Clinic First class service from the No.1 Clinic Safety Health and Well-being are what we care about most. Parking Car Parking Available at Clinic. Pay & Display Opposite Location A Few Minutes Walk from Gants Hill Tube Station (Central Line)

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