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Your 4D Baby Photos Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device


Babycloud is our new online service that allows you to view your 4D baby ultrasound pictures from your 4D bonding scan. As this is  online you will be able to view your baby pictures whenever you want, wherever you want and on whatever device you wish as this works across multiple platforms and is mobile and tablet friendly. 
The best part is that if you book your 4D scan in the month of December and want to get access to BabyCloud then it is absolutely FREE!



To get the best idea of how Babycloud is and works please feel free to browse our demo gallery using the link URL or click on the image and to access the collection choose Enter As Client - see image below (you will also need to select this option on your babycloud gallery login - open the brochure by clicking here to get a more detailed explanation of this feature) and then enter the password below.



Password: Jane1234


babycloud snip login.JPG


Registration is as easy as...


In order to get BabyCloud then we work on an opt in basis and have made the process as easy as possible - just follow the steps below:

  • Before, during or after (before you leave the clinic) your appointment just let the care assistant looking after you or any one of our customer care team know that you would like to be registered for BabyCloud thereby opting in to the service.
  • We will just confirm your details mainly your email address and when your photo collection is ready to view you will get an email with a secure and unique URL to log in and a unique password granting you access to your collection. You can forward the email with your unique URL and password to your friends, and family. By sharing access friends, family and loved ones who could not attend your 4D baby scan needn't miss out on enjoying the precious moments captured at the scan as all the images taken on your scan are uploaded onto Babycloud. Please note: Your password allows you access to the photo collection and the ability to share, purchase, etc. photos so just be careful with who you share it with and that it is with people you trust.
  • Thats it! Click on the link in the email and use the password to access the Image collection and your ready to view.


Babycloud Online Guide


To get further information about Babycloud and its features please click here to access the online Babycloud guide, and feel free to get in touch if uou have any questions on the use of Babycloud.


"I've already had my 4D scan, can I still get access to BabyCloud?"


The answer is simply Yes! If you have ever had a 4D scan at the Scan Clinic then BabyCloud is available for you, so if you want to re-live those amazing memories of seeing your baby before he/she was born or see how well the images actually were to the real thing then this is the perfect opportunity for you. The registration process is almost the same as above but for retrospective image collections there is a small charge of £5 to get the gallery up and ready for you which will need to be paid before we can begin setting up your Babycloud gallery. You can let us know you want to get access to Babycloud in one of two ways:

Option 1 - Phone Our Customer Care Team

Call our customer care team on 0843 886 4545 and they will confirm your details and take the £5 payment over the phone and that's it, we will let you know within 24-48 hours when babycloud is up and ready.

click here  and click here and also click here 


Option 2 - Online via our Facebook page (you don't need a facebook account)


Head over to our facebook page by clicking on the image below or here and select Babycloud Registration from the list of tabs [highlighted in the red box] - you will see a page similiar to this and at the bottom of the page follow the instrcutions Paypal instructions - please read them carefully to follow the steps required. 

We would also really appreciate it if you can like and follow us on facebook 


Babycloud fb page.jpg


Option 2 - Online via Paypal


Click the buy now button below to process the £5 payment via Paypal. Note: Please make sure to enter in the boxes when prompted your Full Name (Name of person who had the scan), Date of 4D Scan with us, and E-mail address where you would like the invitation to be sent to. Failure to do this can cause delays and problems in getting your Babycloud collection set up within our normal timelines. The images below show where to enter this information if you are using the paypal website on a desktop/laptop (A.) or on a mobile/tablet (B.)
A. Paypal Desktop Website
Paypal babycloud special instructions.jpg
B. Paypal Mobile Website

Paypal babycloud instructions on mobile.jpg

Once we have received the payment and your details we will process this and get your gallery ready which should take no longer than 24-48 Working hours- if there are any delays or issues from our side we will let you know. If you do not have a paypal account be sure to keep a copy of the receipt at the end of the transaction.