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GenderExpress scan

(20 - 30 weeks)




✔ Express 10 minute Gender / Sexing ultrasound scan assessment of baby (single pregnancy only). 

At least 90% accuracy between 20-30 weeks gestation only.

See our GenderFirst Scan which includes SureScan 99% accuracy for pregnancies between 16+ weeks - 34 weeks. 

✔ Complimentary 2D Black and White Images.​

✔ Proven track record.

✔ Gender Scan not routinely available via NHS.

✔ One of our most popular & affordable scans


Note: Maternity notes are required at your appointment.

Additional photos, CD’s, DVD’s & keepsakes available to purchase.


For further reassurance why not have a look at our Growth Scan which includes growth + weight check & gender check including SureScan® 99% gender accuracy.


Our GenderFirst Scan which includes SureScan® 99% gender accuracy from 16+ weeks.



This private gender ultrasound baby scan is not routinely available on the NHS



Need to see baby again or have another quick glimpse at the gender following your anomaly / 20 week scan? Great!

You will love our genderexpress scan a cost effective and snappy version of our full gender scan. The scan usually lasts 10 minutes and our professional & experienced staff will offer their opinion as to whether you’ll be having a little girl or a little boy.

It offers an affordable way for you to capture another glimpse of your baby on the big screen.  You will also receive 2 complimentary black & white pictures to take home. 


We have a wide variety of other private ultrasound pregnancy scans available. Explore our site to find out more or alternatively give us a call on 0843 886 4545.


How accurate is the private genderexpress ultrasound scan?

Our qualified experts have years of experience and have scanned thousands of babies, building up a very reliable reputation. Although a scan alone can never be 100% accurate, we pride ourselves on being right, and almost always are! However for further reassurance why not have a look at our genderfirst scan which includes SureScan.


What is the main objective of the genderexpress ultrasound scan?

  • This scan is a 10 minute appointment for single pregnancies between 20 - 30 weeks gestational age ONLY.  If you are having multiple babies or under 20/ over 30 weeks gestation please have a look at our Genderfirst scan.
  • Provide our professional opinion on the sex / gender of your baby using ultrasound.




  • Want a longer appointment or are below 20 weeks gestation? Have a look at our genderfirst scan.
  • If you would like information about baby's growth including measurements, estimated fetal weight & growth graphs as well as gender we would recommend our growth scan which provides further enhanced reassurance. 
  • If appropriate you may want to book our Anomaly scan which includes a detailed assessment of baby, screening for major structural abnormalities, gender identification, measurements and report with weight estimation.

Please bring your ALL previous scan results to your appointment as we will not be able to perform your scan without them.


How do I prepare for this scan?

No specific preparation is required. 


How to find us

Please click here.


Please note

  • All scans are carried out with the aim to accomplish the main objective only.
  • Please bring your pregnancy book with previous scan results to your appointment as we will not be able to scan you without them.
  • This scan is limited to single pregnancies between 20+ - 34 weeks gestation.
  • This scan is a non-diagnostic.and 4DQuickPeek is not included.
  • Any information regarding the sex of the baby is not guaranteed & ultrasound alone is not 100% accurate as some babies can be ambiguous. Our highly experienced practitioners will only provide you with information about the gender if they feel confident to do so from the ultrasound scan. The Scan Clinic or its staff can not be in any way held responsible upon the reliance of the information.
  • Max 2 Guests permitted.
  • We will require details of your GP / Health Care Professional; this will be requested from you prior to or at the time of your scan.
  • Our pregnancy scans does not replace or substitute any scan you have or will have with the NHS / Regular health provider.
£49 £39
Full Payment at booking.
Terms and Conditions apply.
High Accuracy Instant Results Experts In Imaging No. 1 First class service from the No.1 Clinic. Safety The World Health Organisation considers ultrasound to be very safe. Location A Few Minutes Walk from Gants Hill Tube Station (Central Line) Parking Car Parking Available at Clinic. Pay & Display Opposite.

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Perfect. I am really impressed with this clinic & will def be coming back. I visited a few other clinics with my previous pregnancies and can honestly say this one was the best by far. Thank you.

Amanda White


A fantastic service! I suffer from PCOS and the scan clinic estimated I was 3 weeks out from my original due date (giving us time to move our NHS scan for important downs tests). We also had a sexing scan and additional DVD to show family and friends who are long distance. The service from all staff was warm, friendly and professional…perfect for easing the worries of first time parents like us!

Jayne White


Extremely helpful, good relaxed environment. Made me feel comfortable and explained everything that was happening. Gave me the opportunity to ask questions. Fantastic service.

Terry Lane


A fantastic experience and would recommend to all. The staff were extremely friendly & professional giving a perfect scan.

A. Sewell


Very friendly, made to feel special, excellent professional, clean. Very recommended.

Clare Smith


Highly Impressed with service and staff, definitely would recommend and use in the future

Manj Patel


Very friendly, made to feel special, excellent professional, clean, very recommended

Clare Smith


Very lovely and pleased with outcome lovely staff.

Zoe Smith


We got suck in traffic but they were kind enough being late

Anonymous Verified Patient