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Off Peak Clinics are temporarily closed


Due to current COVID 19 Pandemic we have temporarily closed all offpeak clinics. We will be reopening these soon. To be notified when they reopen please sign up to our mailing list, by clicking the link below or getting in touch with our customer care team.












Off - Peak Clinic Times

Off peak clinics run at various times throughout the week.

All appointments must be pre-booked & are subject to availability on a first come first serve basis

Currently off peak clinics currently operate on the following days/times:


Medical Scans - Off Peak
  From To
Tuesday 11am  1pm
Wednesday 3pm 6pm
Thursday 2pm 4pm


As part of our on-going mission to provide quality healthcare for everyone we are always trying to develop new and innovative ways to help make our services more affordable and accessible.

That is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our off peak clinics. We understand that fitting everything into you busy lives is not easy, and when your not feeling too great this only makes it that much harder. 

There is an old saying that time is money but it seems nowadays that money is time! If you need to take time off work or take time out of your diary then this no doubt hits your wallet as well as your schedule. That is why we want to help take some of that burden off by running off-peak clinics where if you book selected services you can get 15% off.  


What is an off - peak clinic?

Off peak clinics are exactly the same as our normal clinics except that for selected scans you get 15% off the normal price.



Which services are eligible for the off - peak clinic?

Any service that is available for the off-peak discount will show the following Off -Peak icon (shown below) in the scan page.

For online bookings, please note that by selecting YES to an off-peak clinic and purchasing the service at the off-peak price then you are agreeing to book the service only on an off-peak clinic day where that specific service is available.  





  • Off peak discount is only applicable on the routine full price of selected ultrasound scan services only. 
  • All off peak appointments must be pre-booked and are subject to availability on a first come first serve basis.
  • When booking online you will need to select off-peak to yes in the dropdown list in order for the price to be reduced.
  • By purchasing an off peak service online we will ony be able to be book your appointment in one the off-peak clinics which are subject to availability (Off Peak Clinic Timings). Any services booked outside of these times will be charged at the normal price of the service.
  • Off peak discount will be applied to the normal price of the same service.
  • Off peak discount can not be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or discounts.



Looking for a Private Ultrasound Scan in London or Essex?

We are one of the leading and trusted providers of private ultrasound scans in London with clients including the NHS, GP's, doctors, midwives and many other health care professionals. We are also approved by many medical insurance companies such as BUPA, and AXA.

NHS approved.png


Our expert healthcare professionals have years of experience in medical ultrasound imaging and by using the latest high end diagnostic ultrasound equipment are capable of producing detailed imaging analysis of the human body in 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound. 

Our clinics are designed to deliver great healthcare in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment. We also make use of large LED TV's connected to all our Ultrasound machines to allow our clients to visualise what's happening inside them in real time. It also allows our staff to talk you through your scan as it happens. This informative approach is unique and has been well received by all our clients, many of whom choose again and recommend us to friends and family. 

We provide a great value ultrasound service which is bespoke & individual to the needs of each and every one of our clients.


Number 1 Trophy The Scan Clinic

London's No.1 Clinic *

Our new London East clinic is conveniently located with central line tube connection, free on-site parking and many bus routes. It is a stones throw away from central London with many clients choosing us over Harley street & other clinics due to our excellent track record and high client satisfaction. 


Safety The Scan Clinic

Widest Private Ultrasound Scan range in London

We provide an extensive range of private ultrasound scans in a relaxing and professional environment. Same day flexible appointments and instant results with 24 hour written reports are just some of the key points why many clients choose our clinics and have rated us London's best ultrasound clinic. 

Our experts have years of experience in medical ultrasound in areas including general medicine, urology, musculoskeletal , gynecology, pelvis, testicular & men's health. 

Our range includes abdomen, pelvis, kidneys, bladder, prostate, fertility, ovary, testicle, scrotal, knee, shoulder, groin, ankle, wrist to name a few. Our full range can be viewed via the site menu. 


We also offer health checks, a wide range of blood tests and other diagnostic services. 



Liver Ultrasound Scan IconGallbladder Ultrasound Scan GallstonesKidney Renal Ultrasound ScanPrivate Uterus Ovary Ovaries Pelvis Ultrasound ScanPrivate muscular MSK ultrasound scanPrivate Testicular Scrotal Ultrasound ScanPrivate Prostate Ultrasound ScanPrivate Bladder Functions Ultrasound ScanPrivate Biliary Ultrasound ScanPrivate Soft Tissue Lump Bump Swelling Ultrasound ScanPrivate Thyroid Neck Lymph Node Ultrasound ScanPrivate Aorta Aneurysm Screening ScanPrivate Blood Ultrasound ScanPrivate Spleen Ultrasound ScanPrivate Blood Test London


Gants Hill Tube Station The Scan Clinic


Private Pregnancy Scans in London

We provide one of the most extensive range of private pregnancy ultrasound in London that clients can choose to have at various times during pregnancy. 

We help mothers-to-be by providing a quality service from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy. People choose us due to our reputation and through word of mouth from friends and family, visiting us throughout their pregnancy.