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Is the suspense of knowing if your having a baby boy or baby girl just too much?


Our special baby ultrasound scans might relieve the tension....


You’ve reached the end of your first trimester, and things are starting to get rather exciting. If things have gone well its time to take a big sigh of relief & actively prepare for being a mother. 

However, it’s still a time when you may feel anxious, not to mention eager to see your baby once more and check that everything is progressing as it should be. Many mums to be want a further chance to see baby between the 12 week dating and 20 week anomaly scans & why not, it's naturally a rather exciting time! 

Let me introduce you to our 16 week gender baby scan. We offer this to mums from 16 weeks and its a great opportunity to not only capture another glimpse of your baby, but to also provide you with our professional opinion as to whether you’ll be having a baby girl or a little baby boy. 

This has proven to be one of our most popular baby ultrasound scans and is currently even more tempting as it has been reduced from our regular price to only £69! We offer our service with clinics in London & Essex.

In addition to finding out the sex of your baby, the gender scan also includes a free 4D preview; which is a wonderful chance to see your child up close and start guessing which parent he or she will take after! 


Hurry and book now at our London & Essex ultrasound clinics, before it's too late!