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With new diseases coming up every day, we have to be conscious about our health. After reaching a certain age, once in a year a full health check up is a must for all. This check up including a body scan is a must as it may help a person from knowing whether he is healthy or if there is any problem, so that quick remedial measures can be taken. People neglecting these regular scans may ultimately have to pay a very high price for it. Some reasons as to how these scans can save lives are:

  1. They help to detect abnormalities early – since it is difficult to simply know whether a person is healthy or not, health check up and regular scans are a must to detect any irregularities in the body. Scans can pick up even the slightest of deviations in the body normalcy and can give warnings to the patient about the presence of any disease, which when treated immediately can save life.
  2. They help patients to get early treatment – the scans not only help to detect any disease early but also help people to start immediate treatment in cases like cancer and diabetes, which can ultimately save a person’s life. These diseases are so dangerous, that if not treated early, they can even take people’s lives. Therefore, regular health scans can detect certain diseases in their initial stages and help to take remedial actions as soon as possible thus saving lives.
  3. Must for all mothers to be – even would be mothers have to undergo regular scans; one scan per trimester, to know about the health of the baby in the womb. Any abnormalities detected in these scans can help medical practitioners know if there is anything wrong with the baby and take measures immediately. These scans are therefore for the betterment of the mother and the baby and not to cause them harm. These scans may ultimately lead to saving the mother and the baby’s lives in times of emergency. Therefore they must not be ignored.
  4. Ultrasound is considered safe. Thus, when scans are done properly can detect many irregularities in a human body and can help in saving lives. 
  5. Prevention is better than cure – again, as the saying goes, it is better to be able to prevent something than to cure it and how can we prevent it? By undergoing health scans once a year at least, we can find out if there are any irregularities in our body at the earliest and take measures to prevent any further damage. Not taking regular health scans, takes away chances of diagnosing diseases at their earliest stage and ultimately leads to a stage where there is no way of curing it. Thus, preventive health scans are very essential for all. Thus, preventive health scans can ultimately prevent diseases and help to save people’s lives. So, everyone should get a health scan done at least once a year after the age of thirty which may actually save someone’s life.