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Get ready for winter


Winter brings us many happy occasions but if we do not protect ourselves from the cold weather it can also lead to conditions that are bad for our health, especially for people aged 65 or over, and people with long-term conditions.  We want to help protect you and those you care for.



The Scan Clinic work closely with many different organizations in the effort of achieving our mission which is quality healthcare for everyone, that is why we are proudly supporting NHS choices in their campaign for getting ready for and staying well this winter.


The campaign is aimed at helping people prepare against the onset of winter and to raise awareness among those in key risk groups – such as the frail and elderly and those with long term conditions and respiratory illnesses. Five teams will be highlighting the campaign at shopping centres throughout the country over the course of the next five weeks and telling people how they can best ward off common cold weather-related illnesses. The campaign has already begun and will see roadshows at Wallsend in Newcastle, Salford in Manchester, Hinkley in Leicestershire, Bishops Stortford and Norwich. 


We can all be guilty of putting our health and wellbeing to the back seat during winter and the festive period, leaving to think about it in the new year but a better and smarter approach would to be get an idea and picture of where you are with your health and wellbeing . That way you wont be running to the gym in January but rather you can be planning ahead on areas of your health where you may need to improve and strengthen but also get the reassurance that a little indulgence won't be the worst thing. That is why it is the perfect opportunity to have a health check/ MOT and with our incredible special offers, convenient appointments, and speedy results it's never been easier and more affordable to get a health check for yourself or bought as a gift for your loved ones. Head over to our promotions page to see all of the great winter offers we have for you to help you stay well this winter;


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To find out further information about the campaign, where the next roadshow will be and general advice for staying well this winter, head over to the NHS Choices stay well website - you can click here to go to the page or the image above.