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Gender FirstTM and Gender ExpressTM – What’s the difference?


After you’ve seen your baby at the dating scan, it’s officially time to take a big sigh of relief and start actively preparing for becoming a mother. However, it’s still a time when you may feel anxious, not to mention eager to see your baby once more and check that everything is progressing as it should be.


Our gender scans offer the opportunity for you to capture another glimpse of your child our experienced staff will provide their opinion as to whether you’ll be having a little girl or a little boy.

So you may be asking yourself, I want to have a gender scan but why is there two and which one should I go for?


The pregnancy scans that are available to you depend on the number of weeks pregnant you are, this can be quickly and easily visualised by following our Pregnancy Scans timeline guide – click the image below for a bigger and full resolution image.  All of our pregnancy scans at their core consist of a reassurance check which includes visualising fetal (your babies) heartbeat and movement, determine the position of your baby and the placenta and to assess the amniotic fluid around your baby.


Pregnancy timeline guide.JPG

Gender Scans in general no matter you have one using ultrasound alone cannot provide a 100% guarantee of the sex of you baby but rather the accuracy relies on the strength and experience of the practitioner performing the scan. All of our scans are performed by highly trained and experienced practitioners whom have been doing this for many years, so you can be rest assured that we pride ourselves on being right, and almost always are which is why for our gender first scan we have a gender promise to you is that if in the rare occasion we can’t determine the gender then we will arrange a rescan completely free of charge.    


The science behind the gender scan shows us that the earliest time a reliable gender determination can be made is around 16 weeks and gets easier as your baby develops this peaks in a window of time where it is the easiest and is generally around 20 – 34 weeks gestation (pregnant) thereafter it actually becomes harder as your baby is reaching its peak size and the amount of space and fluid around your baby is naturally minimising. That is important as ultrasound uses the fluid and space around your baby to visualise your baby and the less there is the harder this becomes, this is also why 3D/4D bonding scans are not recommended after 32 weeks as this reduced visualisation is amplified when trying to view in 3D/4D.



Gender FirstTM Scan


This brings us to the first of the two gender scans and is quite aptly called the Gender FirstTM scan which we perform from 16 weeks up to 20 weeks gestation as this is the first chance you can get to find the gender of your baby using ultrasound and is typically a whole month earlier than your next NHS scan, where gender determination is actually not routinely performed. This scan sits in the relatively harder window of gender determination hence it takes a bit longer to perform.

Gender ExpressTM Scan


The second gender scan is our Gender ExpressTM scan which we perform from 20 weeks up to 34 weeks gestation and is your opportunity to get a glimpse of your baby again and put to rest any concerns about the sex of your baby if this was previously unknown or uncertain, as I hope you will now see this sits in the relatively easier window of gender determination hence it does not take as long to perform and is why we can offer it for an incredible low and value for money price of only £39 (special offer price – Dec 2015).



Both scans come with 2 Large 2D Black and White thermal images and see individual scan pages for up to date prices and full terms and conditions.