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New Year - New You!

What is a Healthy New Year’s Resolution?


2016 is officially here and can only mean one thing – New Year’s resolutions! However you feel towards them whether you are very good and actually stick to them or as some reports show we only ever follow them for the first 10 days of the year (that leaves 5 days to go!) the idea behind them is still a positive one and we feel something to do.

That’s why we wanted to share some of our thoughts and resolutions we are hoping to keep.


Wellbeing – not just a service we offer but one we abide by.


Wellbeing is a very under rated topic and although the philosophy of looking after ourselves is starting to become more popular and affordable there is still a vast majority of us who just don’t give it the attention it deserves. Our motto is prevention is always better than the cure which is how we feel also differentiates us from many other clinics as we focus quite heavily on preventative diagnostic checks and tests and offer a very diverse range of services to that effect. We wanted to take this one step further and make wellbeing our theme of 2016.

So what does that actually mean, I hear you ask! Well for all of our lovely patients as well as staff we want to put their wellbeing at the fore front – that is why we will be promoting our wellbeing checks more than we have previously as well as some fantastic offers on these, whilst guaranteeing that we will never compromise on quality. Furthermore for our staff we have a series of fun initiatives to help encourage their wellbeing and get some good ideas for stress busting – we are more than happy to your ideas on reducing stress at your workplace?

 If your resolution is to lose some weight which undoubtedly would have been caused by that extra mince pie and the first thing you have done is signed up for a gym membership then why not actually take it further and put some meaning behind it by having a health check / MOT to help identify issues before they become full-blown health problems. They’re an excellent way of protecting your general wellbeing by taking a proactive, preventative approach.



Health Checks






Eyes and Ears Open – We want to hear more from you.


This is the second biggest resolution we wanted to share and that is your opinion really does count (well with us it certainly does). At the moment we do our best to ask every single patient what they felt and their feedback on their experience and for the most part we do get this and I am happy to share the overwhelming majority of you love your visit and the high quality service we provide .

Nonetheless we feel this is a job never finished and you can never have anything perfect forever, times changes, markets changes, technology changes and we want to move along with the times and evolve like any good brand should that is why we want to reach out more to our patients and vice versa and make the conversation much more relaxed and informal.

At the moment this is just our thought process – how this develops and shapes out is still what we want to decide on whether you are a mum to be and would love to meet other mums for a coffee morning and need a place or there is a common concern out there and would love to have a group meeting/discussion with a specialist about, whatever it is we are interested and more than ever want your input – email us, tweet us, message us on Facebook, tag us – any way you want to get in touch please do.