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Keep Calm and Carry on


Every generation and era has its own quirks and unique icons which define them, whether you are free loving groove machine from the seventies or an Atari games junkie of the ninety’s you will always have key points to set your generation apart from the rest. Today’s generation are no different and are taking a most unexpected twist in what they will be remembered for, move aside technology, social media its health and lifestyle’s time to shine.


Britain's young people are breaking records for good behaviour and social restraint. Studies are showing that more and more people are putting a focus on clean-living, good food, healthy lifestyle and being pro-active with their health.


Some of the statistics being reported by data and studies gathered from the BBC are eyebrow raising to say the least:


  • Those aged under 25 are a third more likely to be teetotal now than in 2005.
  • A quarter of young people do not drink at all.
  • Illegal drug use among the under-25s has also fallen by more than a quarter since 2004
  • The number of nightclubs has almost halved since 2005
  • The number of crimes committed by under-18s in England and Wales has fallen by 70% since 2005, to a new record low, according to the Office of National Statistics


Private healthcare is also seeing trends in this area and not just with young people. As accessibility to private healthcare is become easier and much more affordable than say 5-10 years ago, many are choosing not to have to wait months on the NHS and instead choose private.


To help illustrate this see the comparative pathway for a typical medial scan for a patient coming to see us and note the following key facts:


  • We can accommodate same day bookings and offer Saturday appointments.
  • All of our reports are sent within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • You will always be seen by an experienced specialist.
  • The report provided can be shared with your GP/HCP for follow up.
  • Average price of a medical ultrasound scan at the time of this post is £99.


private ultrasound


Please note that in no way would we not recommend going to see your GP if you are having problems as he/she is your primary care provider and should always be consulted after and even before choosing to have any private scans.


That being said as you can see by having any one of our medical ultrasound scans, the minimum turnaround time from you making the call to book and actually getting the report can all be done on the SAME DAY and we have had patients where this is the case, if that is not worth the average typical price of £99 I don’t know what is.


Putting your health first and being proactive by choosing to have screenings such as our Aortic Aneurysm Screening for example our health checks are helping people not by reacting to problems they are facing but helping to detect problems early on before they become bigger troubles.

Our advice is to be a part of the health generation and focus on clean living, health lifestyle and proactive healthcare so you can enjoy a full and happy life and not get left behind by the youth of today.