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An expectant couples 3D/4D experience that we got to share.


The rise and popularity of our 3D/4D bonding scans can be attributed to many factors - We think the biggest reason is that the scan helps you see detail of your baby’s features to get the chance to see their tiny hands and feet, and watch them as they move around all. It’s one of the most incredible experiences, and most of our parents tell us that it’s something they’ll never forget.


However there are still a lot of myths and fiction around what is a 3D/4D scan? what is involved? what will I see? We have always been pushing as much information to patients about the scan as we can but this isn't something only we are trying to myth-bust. The folks at the Huffington Post Parents team have also been pondering over how to de-mystify the questions around a 3D/4D scan which is why some of our lovely patients - Roxana and Dan Bracken agreed to let them and us follow their journey through a 3D/4D scan and share it with you.


3d Baby Scan Gold.png

Example of a 3D baby scan image.


All patients that come to our clinic for a pregnancy scan can't wait for the day they get to meet their baby and with the rise of technology in the field of ultrasound it is possible to see your baby in 3D during a scan - we start our 3D/4D bonding scan packages from 22 weeks gestation up to 32 weeks gestation with the period between 24-28 weeks recommended as the peak time to get the best image results. The 3D image is made up using multiple 2D flat ultrasound images which a computer uses to translate into a 3D image. To put that in a bit more real life terms imagine an orange, which is cut into lots of thin slices - if you were to take each slice and place on top of each other you would have recreated a 3D model of that orange - this is same basic principle.


Roxana and Dan unfortunately have had three previous miscarriages and wanted to have a scan for reassurance and connection to their baby. They were having a hard time staying pregnant and so when they reached the 3D/4D mark they were overjoyed at the chance to see their little one in 3D/4D.


"After the issues we had losing three previous babies, the chance to see our daughter

and feel like we knew her more was something we always wanted to do.”

Dad-to-be Dan Bracken said.


Read the full article and see the interview on the Huff Post's website by clicking here.


Behind The Scenes!


We had a great time with Roxana and Dan as well as the Huffington Post team - please see some of the behind the scenes images - more to come!