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I need a private ultrasound scan

.... What now?


doctor and patient refer private ultrasound scan



We have all been in this or a similar position; you are feeling unwell and not sure what the problem is. The first port-to contact is your General practitioner (GP) who you have seen and has requested further investigation; this may be an ultrasound scan but can also be blood, urine samples, etc. You find out that the next available appointment is some time away and you need the scan as soon as possible .... what now?


First of all we can't stress the importance of your relationship with your GP and keeping him/her involved and updated with any action you take related to your health. GP's have a vital role in looking after patients in their homes and within the community ensuring they are as well as they possibly can be. They are part of a much wider team whose role includes promoting, preventing and initiating treatment. GPs are often the first point of contact for anyone with a health problem and patients can be at their most anxious. Looking after the whole person - the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, cultural and economic aspects through patient- centered approaches is a key aspect of any GP’s role.


The enormous pressure and burden on our national health service is undoubtedly causing delays in appointments and thus increase in waiting times, which is why going private, is an option you may want to consider to get your scan appointment quicker.


Ultrasound is one of a few imaging techniques where a direct referral from a GP is not mandatory and you can "self - refer" however NHS choices as well as the BMAand ourselves believe that it is best practice to be referred by your GP because they know your medical history and can advise you if a scan or other diagnostic tests are necessary. If an ultrasound scan is required or believed to be a useful diagnostic tool for the problem you are facing then the referral form from the GP will contain the clinical and technical information relating to why the scan has been suggested and what specific scan is most appropriate.


This is why for all of our non - pregnancy scans we recommend getting a referral from your GP. We understand that your GP is busy doing what he/she should be focusing on and that is looking after their patient population and  so we have made this process as simple as we can by introducing direct-to-scan service which allows you to get a referral from the GP in one of a number of ways - which are given below;


  • The first is simply getting a copy of the ultrasound referral/ request form which can then be emailed (you can scan this or even take a picture on your smartphone/tablet) to our customer care team
  • The second is sending one of our private referral forms to your GP surgery - we can fax/post/email this directly to them.
  • The third is by providing your GP with the link (you can click on the button) to take to you an online form that he/she can fill in and will come direct to us.



If you have any questions or concerns about private ultrasound scans, self-referral and GP referrals then feel free to contact our customer care team on 0843 886 45 45 or alternatively you can email us at 


If you are looking for a private GP in London then please take a look at UNICLINIC - private GP surgery in Gants Hill




(note: we are in in no way linked or part of Uniclinic and any service or information provided by Uniclinic is solely the responsibility of Uniclinic)



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