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Why are Ultrasounds During Pregnancy Important?


Ultrasounds have provided millions of pregnant women with peace of mind, and are the only way to produce high-quality images of an unborn baby. They’re also quick and painless as they are mostly non-invasive, internal scans can be performed but are only performed at the very early stages of pregnancy as this provides the best view of your baby who may be only a few millimeters in size! It is for these reasons why they are used all over the world. Here are a few reasons why ultrasounds during pregnancy are important.


Low Risk

All over the world, ultrasounds are considered extremely safe, with only a minimal number of known adverse effects. Unlike other screening methods, such as X-rays, ultrasounds don’t use radiation. Instead, they use sound waves which bounce off you and your baby’s body, creating echoes which are turned into moving images.

Over the decades that ultrasounds have been used to monitor pregnancies, studies have looked for links between ultrasounds and various health conditions among infants, but none have been found. The use of ultrasounds is closely regulated by strict guidelines which are designed to keep you and your baby safe. They can only be performed by fully trained health professionals who will explain which type of scan is appropriate at each stage of your pregnancy.  



Expecting a baby is an amazing experience but can also be an anxious time, especially before you have had confirmation that your pregnancy is progressing healthily. An ultrasound can offer much needed reassurance, particularly during the early stages of your pregnancy.


During the early stages of your pregnancy there may be a number of things that can happen to cause you concern to find out more information on this read our article by one of leading consultant practitioners by clicking here.



Boy or Girl

Some mothers are happy not knowing their baby’s gender until they give birth, while for others, finding out is one of the most exciting moments of their pregnancy. An ultrasound is the easiest way to establish whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl. What’s more, there’s no waiting around for the answer – you’ll find out as soon as your ultrasound is complete.


Want to know more about gender scans then we have written a few articles about our gender scans - how they work and the differences between them, you can read more by clicking on the images or the link underneath each one.




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Your Baby’s Health

Ultrasounds are a dependable way of diagnosing various conditions, including an ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus doesn't attach to the uterus. Your ultrasound will look at your placenta, uterus ovaries and cervix, and identify any unusual growth in your baby.

At the Scan Clinic, we believe every pregnancy should be happy and safe. We provide a full range of ultrasounds, including 4D baby scans, gender scans, reassurance scans and growth scans – all with high-quality images. Give us a call today on 0843 886 4545 if you’d like to discuss which scan is best for you with a member of our friendly team


We also love to keep up with mums and dads to be that follow their pregnancy with us especially to see their baby has arrived in this world and photos to compare to our HD ultrasound scan images - if you would like to share your story or journey with us and across our digital/print platform then please do get in touch with us today. Furthermore we come across many different articles and websites and information about pregnancy and babies and have found the following link to Jen Reviews - everything you need for baby particularly interesting - click here to follow the link and have a read


(Note: we are in no way affiliated with Jen Reviews and the opinions and advice on Jen Reviews website solely belongs to them and not necessarily that of the scan clinic).


If you want to find out more about how far along you are - your estimated due date - then try out our pregnancy due date calculator by clicking the image  below or here.


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