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The Scan Clinic won 2 Awards -  Thank you everyone


We take pride in delivering great customer care, quality healthcare and professional service. We may not always get customer service right but our team work hard to take feedback on board, fill in gaps and strive to improve the quality of the service we provide. It is with all this in mind that we are so very grateful, humbled and honoured to receive two awards for Best private ultrasound scan specialists 2019 - London, and GHP excellence award for outstanding patient care - London



GHP Award.png


To everyone who was involved and participated in the award decision, to all of our amazing staff and most of all to everyone single person who has chosen the scan clinic we want to say a big thank you and we will not stop our hard work and effort in delivering Quality healthcare with a personal touch.


You can see our award listing page by clicking here and read the official press release by clicking here.


If anyone does have any comments or feedback - these are always welcomed - please send us a mail to