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Harmony Test London

Harmony Test London 

3 mins read

Harmony Test London. This is an enhanced screening test that is not routinely available via the NHS for uncomplicated pregnancies. It can provide an additional level of reassurance for women. This service is provided by our Fetal Medicine Consultants who will support you through the test and the results.

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Baby is the size of a kiwi fruit at 14 weeks pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant: Your Journey Through the Ultrasound

7 mins read

Our experts talk frankly about what you can expect at 14 weeks pregnant including the 14 week ultrasound in pregnancy. Learn about milestones, gender reveals, and the magic of connecting with your baby. Get expert insights from a seasoned obstetric ultrasound specialist

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knowledge hub post thumbnail

Your First Scan in Pregnancy – Tips & Helpful Advice

9 mins read

Congratulations on your pregnancy! One of the most exciting milestones is having your first scan in pregnancy. This scan is an essential part of prenatal care as it helps monitor the health and development of your baby. Understanding what to expect and preparing for the scan can help ease any anxiety you may have. In…

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growth scan, growth scan nhs, growth scan pregnancy, 28 week growth scan, 32 week growth scan

Growth Scan 101: A Detailed Guide for Parents

8 mins read

Our growth scan can provide an accurate assessment of your baby’s size and weight ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of size, weight, and development. Watch your baby move, kick and play and bond with your little one at our private ultrasound clinic. Discover your baby’s potential through expertly performed growth scans during pregnancy. Book your growth…

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nipt test, nipt, which nipt tests, which nipt test is best for you

Which NIPT test is the best for you?

4 mins read

To find out which NIPT test is the best for you, first we have to understand what NIPT is. NIPT stands for Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing. These high-end tests are performed during pregnancy and before birth to screen for certain chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome. They are performed like a typical blood test where a…

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8 Warning signs during pregnancy

8 Warning signs during pregnancy to watch out for

5 mins read

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time for expecting mothers. Staying happy and healthy is of vital importance during this time but also being vigilant of things that may need medical attention, we share 8 Warning signs during pregnancy to be aware of.

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Period-like bleeding during early pregnancy

Period-like bleeding during early pregnancy, Should you be worried?

5 mins read

Period-like bleeding during early pregnancy or any amount of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy can cause concern that something is wrong with your pregnancy. However, up to one in three women have these symptoms during the first twelve weeks of their pregnancy and it does not necessarily indicate a problem such as a miscarriage.

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How many scans during pregnancy? Let’s help demystify this for you.

4 mins read

Pregnancy is an exciting and important time in a woman’s life. During this time, it is essential to monitor the health of the developing baby to ensure that everything is progressing as it should be. One way to do this is through ultrasound scans, which provide valuable information about the baby’s development. But how many…

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Missed Miscarriage

What is a missed miscarriage?

3 mins read

What is a missed miscarriage? This is also known as a silent miscarriage, occurs when a pregnancy ends naturally, but the body does not expel the fetal tissue. This can happen without any visible signs or symptoms of a miscarriage, making it difficult to detect. A missed (or silent) miscarriage is one where the baby…

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5 weeks pregnant ultrasound

5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound: Exciting First Glimpse of Your Growing Baby!

4 mins read

A 5 weeks pregnant ultrasound may help you see your baby. At this stage, your baby is still just a tiny embryo. It measures about the size of a grain of rice – less than 1/2 cm long and is nestled inside a small gestational sac. In this article, we’ll explore what you can expect…

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