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We at The Scan Clinic, started with a simple goal - Quality Healthcare with a Personal Touch. It is this mission that continues to drive us to this day and in this current global crisis. We continually strive to find the right balance between delivering on our mission and maintaining high levels of health and safety for our patients as well as our staff.


We have been  continually monitoring the ongoing situation and taking all official guidance, with this in mind we are implementing the following changes for the safety of all our staff and patients and really appreciate your support and understanding to follow them:




  • Face Covering All patients attending appointments are reminded that it is mandatory to wear face masks when entering the clinic, if you do not have one then you will be able to purchase one.


  • Infection Control - We are enforcing additional daily infection control measures in the clinic.
  • Staff PPE - Staff are being provided with appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Essential Services - We are limiting the range of services we are currently offering in order to prioritise essential services 
  • Pre Booking COVID Checklist - All clients making a booking will be asked a couple of short questions regarding COVID related symptoms and history - the answers to these may affect the ability for us to book you in for an appointment, please discuss this further with our customer care team.
  • Guest Policy - We are not allowing any children to attend with clients at their appointment.
  • Guest Policy - We are allowing you to bring only ONE adult guest/partner to attend with you at your appointment .Prior to or upon arrival your guest/partner will need to complete a COVID-19 form which will require them to give their name and contact details as per the government track and trace program as well as some questions relating to coronavirus. Failure to complete the form or if they answer yes to any of the coronavirus questions will mean your guest/partner will be asked to leave for the health and safety of our staff and any other patients in the building.You and your guest/partner will need to wear a face mask when entering the clinic, if your guest/partner does not have a mask then one can be purchased in the clinic.
  • Clinic Access- only clients that have a pre-booked appointment will be allowed entry to the clinic which will be at the time of appointment i.e. if your more than 10-15 minutes early for your appointment then we would kindly ask you to wait outside until you are either called in by us or it is your appointment time 
  • Hand Cleaning - All clients are requested to either wash or sanitise their hands upon entry to the clinic, there is hand sanitise station next to door upon entry.
  • Appointment Registration -  Registration and consent forms are being made available online so you do not have to fill these out in clinic and we are strongly requiring all clients to complete these forms before attending  their appointment and where they are easily able to do this 
  • Social Distancing - We are limiting the number of clients allowed in the waiting room at one time.
  • Social Distancing -  We are increasing the space in between clients in the waiting area 
  • Social Distancing - If the waiting area is at capacity then no further clients will be allowed entry until the number reduces.



If you have any questions or queries about this then please get in touch with our customer care team who are more than happy to help.


Hand hygiene is important please ensure you are washing your hands regularly with soap and water or a disinfectant.


Click the links:  NHS or Public Health England for updates and advice on Coronavirus - COVID-19.