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Take advantage of the amazing 4D Baby Scan offer and make it truly special by adding any of the following:  


Option 1. Growth Check

2 Page Progress Report with standard growth measurements, weight estimation & growth charts

Assessment of your baby's size & environment using ultrasound including :

 1. Measure baby's head, abdomen and  femur to assess growth against the expected gestational age.

2. Provide weight estimation

3. Determine baby's position

4. Assess placental position

5. Assess amniotic fluid




Option 2. Picture CD
Get ALL the magical moments and images from your scan on our custom Scan Clinic Picture CD.




Option 3. Extend your Scan Experience

Make the most of seeing your little treasure in 4D on our big screen by extending your appointments scan time for up to 20 minutes.

(Note: The base 4D package is a 15 minute appointment with a 10 minute scan time).



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