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Health Screening London – Your handy all you need to know guide

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What is Health Screening London
What is Health Screening London

Health Screening London

Health screening is critical in detecting various conditions and diseases early and facilitating effective treatment. The screening also acts as a preventative measure for potential risk factors in your family history or lifestyle that may put your health at risk. 

Health screening London is not for a specific gender or age. However, the series of tests administered can vary according to your gender, age and your current health status. 

It involves using tests, physical examination or other procedures to detect conditions in people who look or feel well. Through the tests, underlying concerns can be identified even before symptoms start presenting. 

One Health Check Logo
One Health Check Logo

What is a Full Health Screening

Full health screening is a series of routine tests that check for problems before signs appear. Identifying the problems early makes treatment easier and more effective. Reasons for a full health screen include; 

  • Detecting
  • Diagnosing  
  • Treating 

Health screens are largely preventative. It allows individuals to be proactive in preventing or managing various chronic diseases such as heart diseases, some types of cancer, diabetes, weakened bones, hormonal imbalance and mental health conditions. 

Is a Health MOT Worth it 

Routine health checkups and MOTs are not just worth it. They’re a necessity. If you keep up with your checkups, you will likely identify certain health conditions early and get the appropriate treatment. 

The tests also tell a story of your lifestyle and the conditions you might be predisposed to. They allow you to jump in front of the condition by adjusting your lifestyle and giving yourself the chance to lead the best life possible. 

Most people take their health MOTs in their sunset years, but they should be taken throughout your life. We offer different packages of health based on age: 

  • Prenatal/infant 
  • Child 
  • Youth/young adult 
  • Adult 

At different stages of life, you’re faced with different health concerns. Taking a full Health Screening London gives you the comfort of knowing everything is functioning as it should, and if there are concerns, you can be treated promptly and effectively. 

Benefits of Getting a Health Screening

  • Improves health and quality of life 
  • Reduces stress
  • Saves money 
  • Frees up time in your life 
  • Creates a culture of health 

Health checks are one way you can prioritise your health, safeguard your future and maintain good health. For pregnant mothers, tests like the Harmony test are vital in ensuring you’re informed of the health of your baby and are prepared to give them the best quality of life if they happen to have any of the sex chromosome abnormalities that the test checks for. 

What Happens at a Health Screen?

Health screens come in different forms. It could be a face-to-face consultation with a health professional or an at-home testing kit that checks for various readings. In many cases, the face-to-face health meeting is encouraged because it is more accurate and offers a broader perspective into the inner workings of your systems. 

Depending on the areas of concern, the health check could be in the form of a blood test that checks your vitals like cholesterol levels, assess your risk of stroke and your heart, liver and kidney health. 

Further investigations like blood tests to check bone health or cardiovascular risk can also be involved. Other possible tests involved include spirometry tests and a stool antigen test, which can be used to detect certain types of cancers. 

In many cases, there’s nothing you need to do before the health screening london. If you’re required to fast before, we will inform you in advance and any other measures necessary for the tests. 

Benefits of Getting a Private Health Screen Checkup

Many of the tests in a health screen are not offered at NHS facilities across the country but can be in private clinics like The Scan Clinic and its partnership with One Health Check (Health Screening London).

Quicker results

Public labs take many days to return tests because they have long waiting lines. A public health check might even have to wait longer because it is not considered a priority compared to the more time-sensitive tests. The long waiting periods can leave you worried and anxious. With private labs, some of the tests are ready in as little as 24 hours, and you always get an estimated timeline to get the full results. 

Increased convenience

Private clinics are more flexible with their opening and scheduling times, sometimes past your working hours, making getting services on your way home or on the weekends easy. You don’t have to take time off work and wait for hours to see a health professional when you walk in. 

Better privacy

You get a better confidential experience at private health screening London clinics like The Scan Clinic and partners One Health Check. The clinics have structured appointments and a mobile collection option. You also get a quieter ambience at the clinic, contributing to increased discretion. 

Health Screening London
Health Screening London

Health Screening FAQs

Q: How much is health screening London 

The pricing scope of health screenings in London vary greatly depending on the category of health screens you want and can be heavily influenced by the clinic’s location. Very basic health screens are marketed from £100 however we do not consider these health screens as much as simple health tests. One Health Check health screenings start from £299 but go well beyond basic tests as they are multi diagnostic (imaging, blood testing, stroke risk, physiological measurements, health and lifestyle) and include a bespoke doctors summary.

Q: How accurate is a full-body health screening?

Full body health screening accuracy depends on the types of tests used by the health professional. But generally, the tests are not 100% accurate in all cases because they depend on various factors, like when the test is done. Most of the tests are accurate enough to provide reasonable doubt and indications on possible health risks and diseases, which can then be confirmed using other, more targeted tests. 

Q: Do you offer same-day appointments? 

Yes, you can get same-day appointments, but this depends on the type of test required. In other instances, you can get a same-week appointment. 

Q: Should I fast before my full body health screening? 

It depends on the type of tests and scans that we will run. If there is a need to fast before the full body health screen, we will notify you soon to guarantee the most accurate results for the test in question. 

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