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Private Ultrasound Scans in Surrey

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Private Ultrasound Scans in London & Essex

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What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound or sonography, or ultrasonography, is a non-invasive imaging test that uses high-frequency sound waves to create real-time pictures or videos of internal organs or other soft tissue such as blood vessels.

The ultrasound allows healthcare providers to get a real-time look at details of the soft tissue inside your body without making any cuts or incisions.  The soundwaves produced by the transducer on the ultrasound machines are reflected differently by different tissue types, allowing healthcare providers to easily distinguish between the types of tissue they are looking at on the monitor.

Image of the clinic room within The Scan Clinic, 635A Cranbrook Road, London, IG2 6SX

Looking for a Private Ultrasound Scan in Surrey?

Our expert healthcare professionals have years of experience in medical ultrasound imaging and by using the latest high-end diagnostic ultrasound equipment are capable of producing detailed imaging analysis of the human body in 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound.

Our clinics are designed to deliver great healthcare in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment. We also make use of large LED TV’s connected to all our Ultrasound machines to allow our clients to visualise what’s happening inside them in real time. It also allows our staff to talk you through your scan as it happens. This informative approach is unique and has been well received by all our clients, many of whom choose again and recommend us to friends and family.

We provide a great value ultrasound service which is bespoke & individual to the needs of each and every one of our clients.


London's Multi Award Winning Clinic

Our new London East clinic is conveniently located with central line tube connection, free on-site parking and many bus routes. It is a stone's throw away from central London with many clients choosing us over Harley street & other clinics due to our excellent track record and high client satisfaction.
Private Abdominal Scan

Why You Might Need an Ultrasound Scan?

  • To examine various organs in the body like the thyroid gland, the breasts, prostate and the liver.
  • To examine muscles, tendons and ligaments to diagnose sprains, strains, muscle tears and trapped nerves.
  • To examine lumps and determine whether they need further testing by distinguishing between fluid-filled cysts and solid lumps (Fluid-filled cysts reflect very few sound waves).
  • To monitor blood flow, identify blood clots, aneurysms, narrowing of arteries, and decreased blood flow.
  • To examine and guide treatments and other tests, for instance, by showing the correct site for an injection or to guide a biopsy need to the correct place.
  • To determine the age and viability of pregnancy and monitor progress throughout the pregnancy.

Ultrasound technology has grown by leaps and bounds, allowing it to be used for many diagnostic procedures.  The reason for the ultrasound depends on the type of ultrasound medically prescribed by your doctor, which can be a pregnancy ultrasound (prenatal ultrasound), diagnostic ultrasound or ultrasound guidance for procedures.


Private Pregnancy Scans and Early Pregnancy Scan Surrey

An early pregnancy scan in Surrey is one of the most common types of ultrasound.  It typically happens around the 8th-week mark and presents parents with the first glance at their little bundle of joy, but it can be carried out anywhere from six to 10 weeks after conception.

The ultrasound can be abdominal or vaginal, depending on various circumstances and whether there are complications.  A transvaginal early pregnancy ultrasound allows the technician to examine the foetus more closely.

Besides allowing parents to meet their unborn baby, the early pregnancy ultrasound also helps to assess the pregnancy’s viability and deduce an accurate date of the pregnancy.  That’s why the early pregnancy ultrasound is also called a viability test or a dating scan.

During the scan, the technician will look at the location of the pregnancy and confirm that it is in the right location inside the uterus, the size of the gestational sac, which determines the age of the foetus and offers a due date, and the heartbeat if possible.

The features visible depend on when you decide to have the scan.  At six weeks, the embryo can be seen and the foetal heartbeat if the dates are specific.  At seven weeks, the foetal heat action should be present, and at eight weeks, the foetal form is clear. The scan can also highlight potential issues, empowering you and your health team to make informed decisions about your pregnancy journey.


Private Ultrasound Scan in London & Essex

Benefits of Getting an Ultrasound

We provide an extensive range of private ultrasound scans in a relaxing and professional environment. Same day flexible appointments and instant results with 24 hour written reports are just some of the key points why many clients choose our clinics and have rated us London’s best ultrasound clinic.

  • An ultrasound is safer than other imaging methods like X-rays because it doesn’t expose you to ionizing radiation.  Instead, it uses sound waves to create images.  In most cases, the scan doesn’t require contrasting agents.
  • Ultrasound scans are non-invasive.  They don’t require cutting the skin or other procedures that cause post-operative pain and scarring associated with the many medical procedures.
  • Ultrasounds are painless.  The scan doesn’t need injections, incisions or needles, which often see patients avoiding post-operative chronic pain or operative complications.  It only involves placing the transducer on the affected area and some slight pressure as the transducer is moved around.
  • An ultrasound scan doesn’t involve any recovery time.  You can take the scan on your lunch break and get back to work immediately after.  There is no pain or downtime involved, making an ultrasound perfect for people with a busy schedule.
  • Ultrasounds are easy to access and relatively affordable compared to other imaging methods like CT and MRI scans.

Where applicable, an ultrasound scan might be the best imaging test you can opt for.  It’s affordable, painless, quick and effective in its applications.


Ultrasound in Surrey FAQ's

Q: How much is an ultrasound in Surrey?

The cost of an ultrasound in Surrey varies depending on the type of ultrasound and where you get the scan.  At The Scan Clinic, the cost of an ultrasound can be as low as £59 but can rise to over a thousand pounds depending on the type of scan requested.  You can contact us for accurate pricing for the type of ultrasound scan you want.


Q: Are too many ultrasounds bad for you while pregnant?

No, many ultrasounds are not bad for you while pregnant. Many people are concerned about ultrasounds having a negative impact on the mother or the development of the baby. However, medical studies have not shown any probabilities or cause for concern caused by taking too many ultrasounds. You should remember that ultrasounds don’t use radiation but sound waves.


Q: How many weeks does it take to get a private ultrasound?

Getting a private ultrasound takes a significantly shorter time than at a public facility. Private clinics don’t have long waiting lines, and most of them, including The Scan Clinic, can get you an appointment within the same week. We also have same-day appointments, but these are subject to availability. The short waiting period is one of the reasons many people prefer to have their ultrasound at a private clinic.


Q: How long does it take to get results from an ultrasound?

This depends on the type of facility you get the ultrasound. At The Scan Clinic, you get your written medical results within 24 -48 hours of completing the scan, and always get a verbal summary and explanation of the results after the scan.


Q: What problems can ultrasound detect?

Ultrasounds can detect many problems, including tumours and cysts, gallstones, developmental abnormalities in children, liver disease, and abnormal growths in the liver or pancreas, among others.


Fact Check Information

The Scan Clinic is committed to providing accurate and objective educational content about health and medical related topics. We know that there is a lot of misinformation out there, and we take our responsibility to be a trustworthy source of information seriously. Every article on our site is thoroughly fact-checked by our team of writers.

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