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Men’s Health Check

In today’s fast-moving world, health isn’t considered a priority. Instead, work, family, and other social commitments easily rank higher than our well-being. It’s common for men to neglect vital health check-ups unless they are showing symptoms of sickness.

Taking care of your health should be a priority, and one of the best ways to do this is by scheduling a regular men’s health check

What is a Men’s Health Clinic?

A men’s health check is a series of screenings conducted to give you vital information on your overall well-being and can also be used as a preventative measure for certain age-related conditions or men with certain genetic predispositions.

An in-depth health check will consider your family history, medical history, and any risk factors that may be relevant to you, such as cardiovascular disease. It will also consider lifestyle factors such as weight, body mass index and activity levels. Other risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are also considered.

Although most men start considering getting health checks at the age of 40, the earlier you start monitoring your health, the better. Health checks will tell you whether you’re at a higher risk of getting certain health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke.

Most health checks are age-dependent. The younger you are, the less likely you will need medical intervention. However, you can target a full, in-depth health check every few years just to be on the safe side. 

What Does a Men’s Health Check Involve?

A men’s health check screens for a range of conditions and problems specific to men, such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer, among other problems.

When you first come for your men’s health check, you will be asked to fill out a pre-screen questionnaire. This helps us to decide which screens are recommendable to you. We will also offer a series of tests tailored to your age, lifestyle and family history.

Once the questionnaire and the check-in process are completed, we will guide you to the screening rooms. Because there are different tests involved, you might be taken to different rooms during the tests.

Once complete, we will prepare the results, which can take between 24 and 48 hours and send them to your email or doctor. The following steps depend on the results and whether concerns require further attention or recommended treatment. You might be referred to a specialist doctor or recommendations on lifestyle changes you need to improve your health.

Types of Men’s Health Clinic Checks Available

Baseline health check

This is the first series of health checks we offer tailored to give you a picture of the different aspects of your body, their functions and how they are performing. This series of men’s health checks includes;

Proactive man health check

The proactive man health check takes a deeper dive into your health status and includes additional tests such as an aortic aneurysm screen, prostate profile, hormones, thyroid homes and vitamins and minerals tests, and you get a QRISK®3 score, which indicates your likelihood of developing a heart attack or stroke over a given period.

Ultimate men’s health check

The ultimate men’s health check is the most advanced health check we offer. It includes prostate and testicle scans and is ideal for men with a more advanced age who might start suffering from prostate and testicle-related conditions.

While our professionals can guide you on the best type of men’s health check to conduct based on your family and medical history, the final decision lies with you. However, getting a full health check-up every few years is highly recommended. 

Benefits of Visiting a Men’s Health Clinic

A men’s health check serves many health purposes and has many benefits, such as;

Preventing is better than cure.

Prevention is the best approach for long-term well-being. Men’s health checks allow healthcare professionals to detect potential issues before they become serious health problems. Regular check-ups can identify risk factors and conditions early and increase the chances of successful treatment, improving overall health outcomes.

Detecting silent killers

Health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and some cancers are often asymptomatic at their early stages. Men’s health checks can reveal these silent killers, enabling early intervention, reducing the risks of complications and improving the chances of successful treatment.

Improved quality of life

Health checks are vital to improving your quality of life. Health checks can detect issues early, making treatment simpler and less invasive, enhancing your overall quality of life. Regular health checks help ensure you can continue to enjoy your favourite activities and maintain independence longer as you age.

Reduce stress

Another benefit of men’s health checks is to reduce stress. The health check ensures you don’t have to worry about your health or experiencing unexplained symptoms. You have peace of mind knowing that you are taking proactive steps to stay healthy and that your well-being is closely monitored by a healthcare professional.

Men’s Health Check FAQs

Q: How often should I have a men’s health check?

You should get a men’s health check at least once a year. However, the period is affected by risk factors such as age. Older men might need to take the test at least twice a year.

Q: How long is the health check?

The test length depends on the type of health check you choose. More thorough health checks require more time. On average, the health check should last about 45 minutes, but the actual times may vary.

Q: What does the check involve?

The health test involves a series of ultrasound scans and blood tests. For the scans, you will be asked to uncover your pelvic area. The examination lasts about 10 -15 minutes and is pain-free. If an internal scan is necessary, you will be asked to empty your bladder, take everything off in the bottom half and lay on your back. 

Q: What do I get with the health check?

Upon completing the health check, you will receive the results of your blood test and ultrasound scan, along with a report from one of your GP partners summarising the results and recommendations for any further action that may be necessary.

Q: Will you provide images from the scan?

Ultrasound images are not typically provided. But you can request them separately after the ultrasound scan for a small administration charge. They can be provided in electronic PDF format or put on a CD.


Q: What information do you need for the health check?

We will require the details of your primary health care provider, which might be requested before or during the scan.

Q: When will I get my results?

After the scan appointment, you will receive a verbal summary of the ultrasound scan findings. However, the full results, including the diagnostic scan report and summary, are securely emailed to you within 203 days after your appointment.

Q: How soon can I book a men’s health check?

You can book for a men’s health check at any time. We try our best to give you the earliest possible appointment, including same-day appointments, but these are subject to availability.

Fact Check Information

The Scan Clinic is committed to providing accurate and objective educational content about health and medical related topics. We know that there is a lot of misinformation out there, and we take our responsibility to be a trustworthy source of information seriously. Every article on our site is thoroughly fact-checked by our team of writers.

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