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How much does a steroid injection cost privately? We can help give an answer

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How much does a steroid injection cost privately?

This is one of the many common questions our friendly customer care team receive. We have taken the top asked questions relating to this and our have done our best to answer them.

What is a steroid / cortisone injection?

If you’re looking for a way to alleviate pain and inflammation, a steroid injection may be just what you need. Steroid injections, also known as cortisone injections, provide short-term relief from inflammation and pain associated with arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis.

Steroid joint injections are useful in the treatement of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions to the joints. The type of treatment to be performed as well as balancing the pros and cons of having a ultrasound guided steroid injection is always discussed with you by our clinical specialists and advanced physiotherapists prior to the start of any treatment so you are kept fully informed.

How is a steroid injection performed?

A steroid injection is ideally performed using ultrasound. This procedure helps identify the precise area to be injected, ensuring the medication is delivered accurately and with minimal discomfort. The injection itself only takes a few minutes, with the entire procedure usually taking around 15 minutes.

Once injected, the steroid helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain, making it an ideal solution for those suffering from the discomfort of these conditions. Steroid injections can provide long-term pain relief and can be repeated on a regular basis for those who require it.

How much does a private steroid injection cost UK?

The cost of a steroid injection will depend on the type of procedure required and where you are having it done. Private steroid injections in the UK can cost anything from £250 to £1000 and beyond. The high variation for the same procedure especially in areas like London can be largely attributed to the clinic location and whether you are self funding or going through private insurance. Many procedures performed by the same doctors or clinicians using the same medication can be double or triple the cost purely because you are having a private steroid injection in Harley Street or similar locations.

How much does a steroid injection cost privately?
How much does a steroid injection cost privately?

What is included in the cost of a private steroid injection?

For all of our private steroid injections we include the following:

  • Expert Physiotherapy Assessment by our Advanced Physiotherapist
  • Ultrasound scan of the symptomatic area to assess the area and pinpoint ideal injection site
  • Injection of corticosteroid or other advanced / complex injection material.
  • Medical report detailing assesment and procedure performed
  • After care support.

We do recommend having a follow up appointment after the injection to see how your getting on and how we can continue to help you should you need it. Follow up appointments and physiotherapy sessions can are discounted and can be booked in a block for a block discount, contact our customer care team for more information.

How do you keep your prices affordable?

The Scan Clinic’s ethos has and always will be Quality healthcare at an affordable price, which is why our ultrasound guided steroid injections cost from £250 – find out more.

We want to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone and do not comprimise on care or quality, which is why our clinic locations are situated in areas which are easy to reach with parking on site or nearby and away from areas where other unrelated costs drive up the price of the same procedure.

Are there any hidden costs?

Quite simply NO. All prices advertised include whats mentioned in the whats included section and there are no additional fees on the day. If you do have any questions please free to get in touch, by phone, email, or live chat

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