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Pregnancy Passport allows you to have any 3 Private Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans in any of our London clinics for only £199

Read more about the pregnancy passport and private pregnancy scans in London and our other clinics below

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Read more about the pregnancy passport and private pregnancy scans in London and our other clinics below


What is Pregnancy Scan Passport?


Quite simply it is   Freedom   and   Choice. 


Ultrasounds have provided millions of pregnant women with peace of mind, and are the only way to produce high-quality images of an unborn baby. They’re also quick and painless as they are mostly non-invasive, internal scans can be performed but are only performed at the very early stages of pregnancy as this provides the best view of your baby who may be only a few millimeters in size! It is for these reasons why they are used all over the world as the only safe to to visualise and image your baby.


We see mums to be for private pregnancy scans in our London clinics throughout the different stages, trimesters of pregnancy right from the very beginning for an early viability scan to accurately seeing if its a boy or girl, in our Gender scan and to the big show when we can see baby in 4D and 4D HD RealviewTM (exclusive to the scan clinic). 


It is due to the fact that we see mums to be time and time again for private pregnancy scans in our London clinics that we have developed the pregnancy scan passport, to not help make the cost of having  quality care more affordable  but also to give you the  freedom  to  choose  any 3 scans that you want to have within your current pregnancy (you can have the same scan more than once and we have shown this below in our worked examples section) all for a fixed price of £199 (£299 for twins). You don't need to state which ones you want at the time of signing up for the passport but if you already know then all the better and each time you come in we can help let you know which scan this was and how many you have left.


How does it work?
   Choose any 3 Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans   
When you sign up and buy the pregnancy scan passport you get to choose any 3 private pregnancy scans in our London clinics you want to have within your current pregnancy
Note: Don't worry if your not exactly sure which ones you want - you don't have to state exactly which ones you want but it helps if you do.
     Pay Only      
private pregnancy scan london
See some real worked examples below to find out how much you can save.
Real Examples:
Note: All prices are correct at the time of publishing - Jan 2018 and are for illustration purposes only.
Example 1 - This would be the more typical example of what we see - an early viability scan - available from 6 weeks (6 weeks earlier than the NHS dating scan) followed by a growth scan available from 16 weeks to help assess growth and gender (if required) of baby, followed by a 3D-4D bonding scan.
Example 2 - Same as above but if you just want to know the gender as soon as possible - which would be our gender first scan your first opportunity to reveal the gender of your baby.
Example 3 - You can have the same scan more than once and still save - in this example you can have an early viability scan at 6 weeks followed by another at 11 weeks just for reassurance.



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To find out more information or any questions about the pregnancy passport or any of our private pregnancy ultrasound scans in London then  feel free to contact our customer care team below.

You can read our full terms and conditions for the pregnancy passport by clicking here.


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Note: Full payment required at time of booking.

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