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Musculoskeletal Specialist Assessment

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Musculoskeletal Assessment and Follow up

Musculoskeletal Specialist AssessmentUltrasound probe icon from The Scan Clinic London

Musculoskeletal Specialist Assessment with Ultrasound Scan

  • One-to-One Consultation with Advanced Physiotherapist who will take a history of your problem, do a full physiotherapy assessment and make a plan with you on how to proceed
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Scan for One area, there are additional charges for multiple areas – please contact customer care team for more information.
  • Diagnostic Report including ultrasound findings and physiotherapist consultation notes
Musculoskeletal Specialist Assessment

Musculoskeletal Specialist Assessment / Follow up

  • One-to-One Consultation with Advanced Physiotherapist who will take a history of your problem, do a full physiotherapy assessment and make a plan with you on how to proceed
  • Diagnostic Report including ultrasound findings and physiotherapist consultation notes

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What can a Musculoskeletal Specialist Assessment help with?

Pain relief – back, neck, shoulder or join pain

Sports injuries or fitness related injuries

Post operative/surgical rehabilitation 

Muscle tears, strains and tendon problems

Repetitive strain injuries from work or leisure

Common Joint related problems such as Arthritis and others

Complete One Stop Service for Ultrasound guided steorid injections

Pregnancy (pre and post) related pain – back pain, epidural related pain, etc.

Musculoskeletal Specialist Assessment at The Scan Clinic London

Here at the scan clinic, our approach to muscular and joint health focuses on relieving pain, optimising physical function, and enhancing performance in all aspects of life.

Our expert team of musculoskeletal specialists are here to help you when you’re in pain or injured. We’re also dedicated to preventing future injuries. By identifying any underlying physical deficits and addressing them, we can significantly reduce your risk of harm, especially if you’re starting a new sport or exercise routine.

Our musculoskeletal specialist assessment service includes:

  • Same day appointments (where available)
  • Private Health Insurance Recognised Centre
  • Complete one-stop service for pain relief injections
  • Expert team of musculoskeletal specialists

What's involved in a private musculoskeletal specialist assessment?

During your initial appointment, our highly skilled musculoskeletal specialist will gather a comprehensive understanding of your condition. They will dig deep into the details of your symptoms and relevant medical history, ensuring no stone is left unturned. Observations and testing such as diagnostic imaging will then be employed to help establish the cause of your symptoms.

A plan will be discussed with you to get you back to normal, pain-free, movement in the shortest possible time and to help prevent the problem occurring again.

Please remember to bring any relevant information such as scans, X-rays or medical reports with you for your appointment if you have them.

Private Physiotherapy London Clinic

What is the objective of private musculoskeletal specialist assessment?

Private musculoskeletal specialist assessment london can help diagnose and treat a wide range of issues, such as injuries to joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Getting injured is part and parcel of life especially if you have an active lifestyle and enjoy activities such as running, cycling, weight training or play sports like football, tennis, rugby, etc. Even if you are not really active, long term injuries or issues such as arthritis, or repetitive strain injuries from work are problems we can help with.

Musculoskeletal Specialist Assessment FAQ's

Can I have private musculoskeletal specialist assessments alongside my NHS physiotherapy?

You can choose where they receive treatment, which sometimes means they get treatment from both the NHS and private sectors. You can also choose to continue physiotherapy treatment privately once your NHS treatment has finished.

About our Musculoskeletal Specialists

All our musculoskeletal specialists are registered with and regulated by the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy). They are highly experienced and are advanced physiotherapists meaning they have extended scope qualifications in areas such as diagnostic ultrasound and injection therapy.

Our Medical Experts

How much is musculoskeletal specialist assessment or private physiotherapy in East London?

The cost for a private musculoskeletal specialist assessment starts from £70 per area, this is just for the assessment alone and does not include any additional diagnostics such as scans or advanced treatment options such as ultrasound guided steroid injections for pain relief.

If you wish to have a scan as well and if it is deemed to be beneficial then this can be added on the day (if there is availability) or you can book this in advance by choosing the physio assessment and ultrasound scan option.

Does private health insurance cover musculoskeletal specialist assessment?

Many private medical insurance providers cover physiotherapy to improve strength, flexibility, and movement in your muscles and joints after an injury or illness. It is best to check with your health insurance provider. If necessary we can help provide an receipt/invoice from your appointment to use to make a claim against your insurance.

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