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Private Pregnancy Scan - Baby

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Private Pregnancy Scans and Blood Tests

ALLPOPULARFirst TrimesterSecond TrimesterThird Trimester
Happy Pregnant women who wants to have an early pregnancy scan+ OFFPEAK DISCOUNT

Early Pregnancy Scan


Offpeak £75

6 to 11 weeks

Dating Scan


Offpeak £80

11 to 16 weeks

Gender Scan


Offpeak £60

16 to 36 weeks
private growth scan at the scan clinic+ OFFPEAK DISCOUNT

Growth Scan


Offpeak £80

16 to 36 weeks
Anomaly scan ultrasound image

Anomaly Scan


Offpeak £199

19 to 24 weeks
4d 3d pregnancy baby scan london the scan clinic offer+ OFFPEAK DISCOUNT

3D and 4D Scan


Offpeak £80

22 to 32 weeks
Presentation Scan Childbirth and labor. A pregnant woman in the hospital having contractions and tests.+ OFFPEAK DISCOUNT

Presentation Scan


Offpeak £75

32 to 40 weeks
happy-couple-looking-at-phone+ OFFPEAK DISCOUNT

Reassurance Scan


Offpeak £75

22 to 32 weeks
NIPT London

NIPT Test – Non Invasive Prenatal Testing

£375+ (dependant on test)

Offpeak £375+ (dependant on test)

9 to 40 weeks

SneakPeek Gender DNA Test


From 6 weeks +

Beta hCG Blood Test


From 2 weeks +

Our Reviews

HCT iBusHCT iBus
11:46 02 Dec 23
A great service that delivers in a clean and friendly safe environment that delivered exactly what... we needed for our peace of mind. Really expert information and friendly service from start to finish. Will recommend to all friends and more
Candice UghaonuCandice Ughaonu
11:28 03 Oct 23
Great team and the Doctor was super friendly, very detailed and reassuring. He answered all my... questions and concerns. I left feeling much better. I have used them many times and will use again if required in future. Definitely recommend!read more
Gemma KGemma K
11:39 22 Jul 23
I came here for my first child’s gender reveal 3 years ago and the treatment hasn’t changed. The... service is still amazing, the doctors and staff were so welcoming and kind. The doctor took his time to explain the scan to me and checking the baby. The facility is very soothing and relaxing. What an amazing team. May God bless themread more
15:18 12 Jul 23
I recommend this clinic from my heart , the doctor and assistent was so kind and they make me feel... very confortable while on the procedure , nothing to complain, everything perfect . I will go to this clinic again if i will need it for sure .read more
Violeta GugleaVioleta Guglea
17:16 17 Jun 23
I have used the this clinic at the recommendation of my friend who had a positive experience. I... have used this clinic looking for reassurance before my gallbladder removal operation. The appointment was quickly booked for the next day to suit my needs. The scan was performed by a very well spoken, professional person. The whole experience was very positive, as expected from a private clinic. From the experience I have had, I can highly recommend this more
aditya gandhiaditya gandhi
16:08 12 Nov 22
Today me & my wife had 2nd visit of scan clinic. I must say our both visit of scan clinic are much... satisfactory. We were welcomed by miss Zeenat. She was very polite and professional throughout. Scan performed very well & explained as well. Scan clinic deserves thumbs more
ruth raeruth rae
15:21 07 Sep 22
I booked an early scan here and I had a great experience. All the staff were amazing and friendly.... The Sonographer was great, really made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend this more
Tiziana MonnoTiziana Monno
08:10 18 Aug 22
Beautiful experience! I was 31 weeks pregnant and a little worried about my little girl's position.... I was so patiently confirmed by the doctor and informed us of the growth. My partner and I were more than satisfied. Professionalism and kindness they made me feel more
Lina ZhangLina Zhang
10:55 16 Aug 22
I've been to this clinic 4 times over the past 7 years for both pregnancy scans and health scans.... What sterling services they consistently provide! Booking is always easy either online or over the phone, minimum waiting time, and calming environment. What's most impressive is that Mr Usman always explained the scan results thoroughly in a calm and professional way on site and in a report, and quickly spotted issues that both my hospital scan and community clinic scan completely missed (the sonographer at the hospital even asked where I did my scan as she was impressed)! This helped me eventually get timely referral and free from lots of stress. I always feel being well looked after by the team and will wholehearted recommend them to anyone who is looking for efficient, caring and professional more
sannndra Ruizsannndra Ruiz
09:25 06 Aug 22
Great treatment, it's the second time we've been here and we plan to repeat the whole pregnancy.... They revealed the gender of the baby in week 16 and the doctor is super careful and delicate, a 10 out of more

Private Pregnancy Scan FAQ's

How much is a private baby pregnancy scan in the UK?

The average cost of the scan depends on the purpose of the scan. An private pregnancy scan can cost between £100 and £150. A gender scan can cost around £75, and a dating scan around £100. The actual cost will vary depending on the clinic and the investigations required during the scan.

Is it worth getting a private pregnancy scan?

Pregnancy tests are time-sensitive. They need to be done within a specific period to produce the right results. Hence getting a private pregnancy scan is worth it. It also saves you the worry and anxiety of waiting for days or weeks to determine if your unborn baby is healthy and safe. Because private scans are more prompt, should anything be wrong, it can be caught early, and the right interventions carried out on time.

Are private pregnancy scans better than NHS?

The scans vary depending on the quality and technology of the sonograms used. Often, private clinics like the Scan Clinic have the latest equipment and highly qualified staff that take time to closely observe the images and identify any anomalies or observations they should pass to the doctor. With the NHS, many factors are at play, and even the most skilled sonographers might miss some observations due to fatigue and being overwhelmed.

How many weeks pregnant must you be to have a private scan?

You can get an early pregnancy scan during the first trimester at around six to eight weeks. You can also get follow-up scans at 10 to 13 weeks and another in the last trimester of the pregnancy.

What if my scan shows there is something wrong or I receive bad news?

Ultrasound scans are often done to rule out any medical conditions. But sometimes, they may confirm your and the doctor’s fears. Our team provides a comfortable environment for you to take in the news. The report is then shared with the doctor, who will explain the next cause of action in the best interests of the unborn baby and the pregnant mother.

Are your sonographers qualified?

We use the most qualified sonographers in London. Part of having quality scans is in having sonographers can accurately interpret the information from the scan. Therefore, besides having the best equipment, we also work with the finest sonographers.

Is ultrasound safe for adults and babies?

Ultrasounds are safe for adults and babies. Unlike X-rays, they don’t produce any radiation. However, they should only be conducted by qualified professionals in a medical setting.

When to Take a Private Baby Pregnancy Scan

You can take pregnancy scans at different stages of the pregnancy. At each stage, the scan looks at different aspects of the pregnancy in the baby and the mother.

First trimester ultrasounds

Some people don’t take a first-trimester ultrasound during pregnancy. But it’s not unusual for a healthcare provider to ask for them. At this stage, the scan is used to determine viability, date the pregnancy or rule out suspected complications.

Private pregnancy scan (6-8 weeks)

Most first-trimester scans, or a foetal ultrasound or sonogram, are usually around the sixth to eighth week of your pregnancy. The scan confirms the pregnancy test, but some healthcare providers also use ultrasounds to confirm what you’re expecting.

Early pregnancy scans can be used to do the following;

  • Confirm viability
  • Determine the number of foetuses
  • Establish gestational age
  • Determine if multiple foetuses share a placenta and amniotic sac

The best early pregnancy scans are done transvaginal. They give the clearest image of the uterus and embryo at the early stage.

Nuchal translucency ultrasound (10-13 weeks)

Still, in the first trimester of the pregnancy, you can take a nuchal translucency ultrasound. It measures the space at the back of a foetus’ neck. Abnormal measurements of this space can indicate Down Syndrome and other congenital disability of the abdomen, heart and skeleton.

The NT screening also measures hormones and proteins with a blood test. Although vital, the scan is optional for everyone who is pregnant. It can also be recommended by your doctor if there are risks of complications or if you have a history of congenital disorders.

Second-trimester ultrasound

This is the most common window for a routine prenatal ultrasound. It’s called an anatomy scan. It thoroughly examines your baby’s developing body and organs and is offered to every pregnant person.

Anatomy scan (18-22 weeks)

The anatomy scan happens between 18-22 weeks in the second trimester. It’s also called a level II ultrasound. During the scan, the sonographer will check the baby’s heart rate and for abnormalities in the brain, heart, kidneys and liver.

They will also count the baby’s fingers and toes, examine the placenta and measure the amniotic fluid level. At this stage, the baby’s genitals might be visible. Although it’s not certain, it’s possible to guess the baby’s sex.

Third-trimester ultrasound

Most parents-to-be don’t need an ultrasound in the third trimester. But if the pregnancy is considered high-risk, or you didn’t get a first or second trimester, this scan might be recommended.

Parents-to-be with high blood pressure, bleeding or low levels of amniotic fluids are often referred for the third-trimester ultrasound.

Besides the trimester scans, other scans can be considered during the pregnancy journey;

  • Doppler ultrasound
  • Guiding ultrasound
  • Foetal echocardiography

Why Use us for a Private Pregnancy Scan for your Baby?

A pregnancy ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the developing baby and the mother’s reproductive organs.

This type of scan has many functions and is one of the most sought-after. Along with the standard ultrasound, there are other more advanced ultrasounds like 3D and 4D scans. There is also foetal echocardiography, an ultrasound that looks in detail at the foetus’s heart. The type and purpose of the pregnancy private scan you get depends on how far along you are and your healthcare provider’s request.

Leading Private London Clinic

The Scan Clinic is one of the leading providers of private baby scans in London. Our fully qualified registered pregnancy scan experts have years of experience and have worked extensively in the NHS.

Top ultrasound tech

We use the latest & safest high-end diagnostic ultrasound machines that are capable of producing clear and detailed images of your baby.

Parents can see their baby in real time on large television screens connected to our Ultrasound machines.

Friendly expert team

Our friendly team welcome you and our expert sonographers talk you through your scan and answer any questions you have. This allows a genuine feeling of bonding and connection with your little one.

Luxury pregnancy clinics

You will find our clinics clean and comfortable with a relaxing non-clinical ambience. Soft furnishings and art pieces create a modern environment, designed to make our guests feel welcome and relaxed.

We use strict infection control practices and maintain Covid precautions.

We are proud that we are trusted by thousands of parents who choose The Scan Clinic for their pregnancy needs.

Best Private Pregnancy Scan London

Featured on TV & Press

Visit our award-winning pregnancy scan clinic in East London, as featured on TV. We provide a range of private baby scans, from the first early pregnancy scan to the reassurance and baby well-being scan, allowing you to check in on your little one when needed and ensure all is as going well.

All your pregnancy scans

Start your maternity journey with us and see your little one from just 6 weeks with our private early pregnancy scan for early reassurance, find out how many weeks you are and confirm your dates. It can also check to see if you’re having one baby, twins or multiple babies!

If you are interested in finding out the gender of your baby and looking for a gender scan nearby, our East London Clinic has you covered. Our gender experts perform an early gender scan with an accuracy of over 99.9%. If you wanted to find out even earlier, you could choose an early gender reveal DNA blood test from 7 weeks! Or are you looking for 4D baby scan clinics near you? Take a look at our ultra-realistic 4D baby scan, which provides life-like images of your baby’s features in astonishing detail. See your baby wave, yawn, eat and kick! Take away keeps sakes, including pictures and videos to cherish forever.

Trusted by customers

Our aim has always been to help parents-to-be by providing a quality service dependable service. We pride ourselves on our trusted reputation with many friends sharing their experience with us by word of mouth. We have been privileged to be a part of thousands of journeys with our parents-to-be and look forward to being involved with yours!

Better & Affordable Pregnancy Scans

VIP Service

We are one of the best pregnancy scan clinics in London, providing bespoke & individualised care to the needs of each and every one of our VIP parents.

Extensive scans & tests

We provide one of the most extensive range of private pregnancy ultrasound scans in London. Our private baby scans are available to all parents at any time during their pregnancy and can book booked by choosing a convenient time via our online booking system.

Flexible appointments

We are open 6 days a week, including weekend clinics. Our emergency ultrasound scan service is available for appointments outside our routine schedule.

Top private pregnancy scans

These are among the many features which make our pregnancy scan clinic the best and have earned us many health awards, including the best private ultrasound clinic.

Benefits of Getting a Private Pregnancy Scan

A private pregnancy ultrasound in London can have different benefits depending on when it is taken on the reason for taking it. Some of the expected benefits of having a private pregnancy scan done include the following;

  • It helps to detect or rule out potential abnormalities in the foetus and the health of the foetus
  • It confirms that you’re indeed pregnant and confirms the number of foetuses
  • Determine the due date of the baby
  • Determine the position of the placenta
  • It helps monitor the growth and development of the baby
  • Determine the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby
  • Detect problems with the baby’s heart rate or breathing

Pregnancy ultrasounds are a great way to keep an eye on the unborn baby’s well-being while maintaining a safe distance. Doctors can provide interventions based on the scan findings in case of challenges.

Fact Check Information

The Scan Clinic is committed to providing accurate and objective educational content about health and medical related topics. We know that there is a lot of misinformation out there, and we take our responsibility to be a trustworthy source of information seriously. Every article on our site is thoroughly fact-checked by our team of writers.

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