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Anomaly scan ultrasound image

Anomaly Scan

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Anomaly Scan

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19 to 24 weeksMaternity Notes Required
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Anomaly scan ultrasound image

What's Included in an Anomaly Scan

Ultrasound Scan
2 Scan images
TSC Folder

What does the Anomaly Scan check?

Visualise detailed anatomical structures such as baby's head, chest, abdomen in line with National standards

Check how your baby is growing

Check your baby's estimated weight

Gender Scan (Sexing) of the baby option

Ultrasound report with 2 free pictures in our presentation folder

Performed by qualified medical ultrasound specialists

Objective of the Anomaly Scan

  • Screening baby’s anatomy and assessing growth & environment using ultrasound.
  • Evaluate the anatomy of your baby in detail in line with National screening standards including areas such as the head, chest, heart, abdomen and limbs using ultrasound.
  • Measure baby’s head, abdomen & thigh (femur) to assess growth against the expected gestational age.
  • Provide weight estimation of baby
  • Determine baby’s position
  • Assess placental position
  • Assess amniotic fluid
  • Complimentary option of professional opinion on the sex of your baby using ultrasound

How do I prepare*

It's really important to arrive with the correct preparation as failure to do so may result in us not being able to perform the scan.
  • A full bladder is required for this scan – Please drink 0.5 litres of fluid approximately 30 minutes or so before your scheduled appointment and kindly try your best not to empty your bladder before the examination.
  • You may maintain your normal medication regime.
  • You can eat as normal.

Reasons for an Anomaly Scan ..

Check Baby's growth
Check baby's weight
Check baby's size
Placental position
Peace of mind

Why choose us for your Anomaly Scan

We are a multi award winning clinic based in London, with awards from Whatclinic clinic of the year, GHP outstanding patient care and LUX best private ultrasound provider to name a few. Our clinical lead Mr. Usman is well known and respected in the industry and has been featured in the Huffington Post and performed scans live on ITV.

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service we can which is why we are trusted by GP's, doctors, physiotherapists, midwives and many other healthcare professionals.

Our mission of better quality healthcare for everyone is at the heart of everything we do and drives us to do the best we can for each and every patient that we see. Our team of experts have years of experience and are fully registered and regulated meaning you are in safe hands with us.

About the Anomaly Scan

As you look forward to the birth of your child, it’s only natural to seek reassurance. You’ve had the dating scan and seen your baby on the screen, but now, you’d like to check that he or she is healthy and progressing well. 

Expectant parents should consider an anomaly scan. It is a significant and eye-opening milestone that allows parents and medical practitioners to provide better care for the growing baby and the expectant mother.

You must take the anomaly scan at the right time to provide a comprehensive view of the baby’s development and more accurate results.

Our anomaly ultrasound scan sometimes called an anatomy scan, is the ideal opportunity to assess how well your baby is developing, by taking a series of body measurements, and looking at your baby’s anatomy and body structures to check that everything is as it should be.  We’ll also check the fluid levels in the womb and positioning of the placenta. 

At your anomaly scan, you’ll also receive two images of your baby to take home with you; and if you’d like to find out, our professional staff can give you their opinion on your child’s gender. 

What is an Anomaly Scan?

An anomaly scan is usually conducted between 18 and 23 weeks of pregnancy. It is a comprehensive ultrasound examination that focuses on your baby’s anatomy.

Unlike earlier scans, which assess the baby’s gestational age, this scan dives deeper and meticulously evaluates the development of the baby’s organs and systems.

Ultimately, the scan is a snapshot of their growth and flags potential health and development problems, making it a crucial test for expectant parents and medical professionals.

What to Expect During the Anomaly Scan

The anomaly scan is a straightforward and non-invasive procedure. If you’ve done an abdominal or any pregnancy scan before, the process is more or less the same. If you haven’t, here are some of the steps you should expect:

  • Preparation: You are required to come with a full bladder. You should drink at least 0.5 litres of fluid approximately 30 minutes before the appointment and avoid emptying your bladder before the examination.
  • The Scan Process: The sonographer will apply a special gel to your abdomen and move the transducer across your skin. The transducer emits safe, high-frequency sound waves that create images of your baby on the monitor.
  • Duration: The scan takes about 30 – 40 minutes. The exact timing will depend on your baby’s position and movement.
  • Comfort and Safety: The procedure is generally painless. However, the pressure from the transducer might cause mild discomfort.

Why Carry Out an Anomaly Scan?

During the mid-pregnancy scan, the sonographer will examine various aspects of the baby’s development to check for abnormalities or developmental issues. Some of the objectives or areas of focus the scan will check for include:


Check of Foetal Anatomy 

The crucial part of the scan is checking the baby’s physical development in detail. It examines the brain, face, heart, spinal cord, abdomen, kidneys, bladder, arms, and legs for any developmental abnormalities and ensures everything is at the right stage in accordance with the gestation period.


Foetal Biometry

The scan also measures different parts of the baby’s body to assess development and growth. The measured parts include the head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femur length. These measures are used to calculate the foetal weight and then plotted on a growth chart to assess how your baby grows concerning typical growth standards.


Amniotic Fluid Assessment 

We will also evaluate the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby during the scan. Amniotic fluid volume is a crucial indicator of your baby’s well-being. It can affect the pregnancy outcome, so amniotic fluid assessment is part of the factors assessed during the anomaly scan.


Placenta Position Assessment

The scan will also check the placenta’s position. Its location is important because it can affect the delivery method. A low-lying position may indicate that a caesarean section is more likely.


Cervical Assessment

The scan may also include an evaluation of the cervix. This is usually done transabdominally, but if there are concerns, it can be done transvaginally with your consent. This can help check for signs of preterm labour.


Sex Determination

If you haven’t done a SneakPeek Early Gender Detection test and want to know your baby’s gender, the sonographer can tell you during the scan. However, this depends on whether the baby is in a suitable position.

Benefits of a Private Anomaly Scan

A private anomaly scan has many benefits for the expectant parents and the baby and is an essential test for various reasons such as:


Early Detection of Birth Defects

An anomaly scan’s primary purpose is to identify congenital disabilities and abnormalities. Early detection of these conditions allows parents and healthcare professionals to provide appropriate care and medical interventions that help the baby live a whole and comfortable life.


Opportunity for Further Testing

If we detect an anomaly during the scan, our healthcare professionals may recommend additional diagnostic tests to confirm the finding. These tests can help provide a more accurate diagnosis and insight into the appropriate medical interventions.


Informed Decision Making 

The findings of the anomaly scan can provide expecting parents with valuable information on their baby’s health. Using this knowledge, they can make informed decisions about the pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal care of the baby and the mother.


Peace of Mind

For many parents, pregnancy is an exciting journey packed with anxieties, and eliminating some of the uncertainties can make the journey less overwhelming. Anomaly scans can offer reassurance and peace of mind by providing a comprehensive assessment of the baby’s development.

How to find us

The Scan Clinic London East,

635A Cranbrook Road,

Gants Hill IG2 6SX

Call the scan clinic

Call us on:

0203 904 7706

Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm


Our Reviews

HCT iBusHCT iBus
11:46 02 Dec 23
A great service that delivers in a clean and friendly safe environment that delivered exactly what... we needed for our peace of mind. Really expert information and friendly service from start to finish. Will recommend to all friends and more
Candice UghaonuCandice Ughaonu
11:28 03 Oct 23
Great team and the Doctor was super friendly, very detailed and reassuring. He answered all my... questions and concerns. I left feeling much better. I have used them many times and will use again if required in future. Definitely recommend!read more
Gemma KGemma K
11:39 22 Jul 23
I came here for my first child’s gender reveal 3 years ago and the treatment hasn’t changed. The... service is still amazing, the doctors and staff were so welcoming and kind. The doctor took his time to explain the scan to me and checking the baby. The facility is very soothing and relaxing. What an amazing team. May God bless themread more
15:18 12 Jul 23
I recommend this clinic from my heart , the doctor and assistent was so kind and they make me feel... very confortable while on the procedure , nothing to complain, everything perfect . I will go to this clinic again if i will need it for sure .read more
Violeta GugleaVioleta Guglea
17:16 17 Jun 23
I have used the this clinic at the recommendation of my friend who had a positive experience. I... have used this clinic looking for reassurance before my gallbladder removal operation. The appointment was quickly booked for the next day to suit my needs. The scan was performed by a very well spoken, professional person. The whole experience was very positive, as expected from a private clinic. From the experience I have had, I can highly recommend this more
aditya gandhiaditya gandhi
16:08 12 Nov 22
Today me & my wife had 2nd visit of scan clinic. I must say our both visit of scan clinic are much... satisfactory. We were welcomed by miss Zeenat. She was very polite and professional throughout. Scan performed very well & explained as well. Scan clinic deserves thumbs more
ruth raeruth rae
15:21 07 Sep 22
I booked an early scan here and I had a great experience. All the staff were amazing and friendly.... The Sonographer was great, really made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend this more
Tiziana MonnoTiziana Monno
08:10 18 Aug 22
Beautiful experience! I was 31 weeks pregnant and a little worried about my little girl's position.... I was so patiently confirmed by the doctor and informed us of the growth. My partner and I were more than satisfied. Professionalism and kindness they made me feel more
Lina ZhangLina Zhang
10:55 16 Aug 22
I've been to this clinic 4 times over the past 7 years for both pregnancy scans and health scans.... What sterling services they consistently provide! Booking is always easy either online or over the phone, minimum waiting time, and calming environment. What's most impressive is that Mr Usman always explained the scan results thoroughly in a calm and professional way on site and in a report, and quickly spotted issues that both my hospital scan and community clinic scan completely missed (the sonographer at the hospital even asked where I did my scan as she was impressed)! This helped me eventually get timely referral and free from lots of stress. I always feel being well looked after by the team and will wholehearted recommend them to anyone who is looking for efficient, caring and professional more
sannndra Ruizsannndra Ruiz
09:25 06 Aug 22
Great treatment, it's the second time we've been here and we plan to repeat the whole pregnancy.... They revealed the gender of the baby in week 16 and the doctor is super careful and delicate, a 10 out of more

Important Notes

  • Please bring your pregnancy book with previous scan results (if you have had your first NHS scan) to your appointment as we will not be able to scan you without them.
  • All scans are performed to accomplish the main objective only.
  • This scan is not a screening test for fetal abnormalities.
  • Sometimes at the scan, we may not detect the heartbeat or visualise the fetus on the screen. In such instances, this could be because it’s too early for the ultrasound scan to detect the pregnancy or could indicate that a miscarriage has occurred. In the event of this happening, please be reassured that our trained staff are on hand to offer advice and guidance on next steps.
  • Twin / multiple pregnancies incur an additional charge of £45 (12 weeks onwards).
  • For scans with gender assessment included  (16 weeks onwards), any information regarding the sex of the baby is not guaranteed & ultrasound alone is not 100% accurate as some babies can be ambiguous. Your practitioner will only provide you with information about the gender if they feel confident to do so from the ultrasound scan. The Scan Clinic or its staff can not be in any way held responsible upon the reliance of such information.
  • We may require details of your GP / Health Care Professional which will be requested from you before or at the time of your scan.
  • Our pregnancy scans do not replace or substitute any scan you have or will have with the NHS / maternity care provider.
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Anomaly Scan FAQ's

How Much is an Anomaly Scan in London?

The cost of our anomaly scan at The Scan Clinic is £199. The cost includes the anomaly ultrasound scan, 2 scan images and a TSC folder.

Is the Anomaly Scan Safe for My Baby?

Yes, the scan is safe and is a standard procedure. Ultrasound technology has been used for decades and has no known risks to the baby or the mother.

What Should I DO if the Scan Reveals a Problem?

If any issues are detected, we will notify you and suggest the following steps, which may include further testing or consultation with specialists.

Fact Check Information

The Scan Clinic is committed to providing accurate and objective educational content about health and medical related topics. We know that there is a lot of misinformation out there, and we take our responsibility to be a trustworthy source of information seriously. Every article on our site is thoroughly fact-checked by our team of writers.

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