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Learn more about ultrasound, your body, and staying healthy all in one place, with our knowledge hub. We have created a invaluable resource with all curated by our editors and medically reviewed by our clinical team.

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The Scan Clinic on ITV's Loose Women

Bringing Joy to Josie Gibson: A Heart-warming Moment Revealing the Gender of Her Baby Live on ITV’s Loose Women.

3 mins read

The Scan Clinic were delighted to be invited by ITV to take part in a live gender reveal for former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson on the popular daytime show ITV Loose Women.

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Period-like bleeding during early pregnancy

Period-like bleeding during early pregnancy, Should you be worried?

5 mins read

Period-like bleeding during early pregnancy or any amount of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy can cause concern that something is wrong with your pregnancy. However, up to one in three women have these symptoms during the first twelve weeks of their pregnancy and it does not necessarily indicate a problem such as a miscarriage.

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5 weeks pregnant ultrasound

5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound: Exciting First Glimpse of Your Growing Baby!

4 mins read

A 5 weeks pregnant ultrasound may help you see your baby. At this stage, your baby is still just a tiny embryo. It measures about the size of a grain of rice – less than 1/2 cm long and is nestled inside a small gestational sac. In this article, we’ll explore what you can expect…

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